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Chakra Remedies Case Studies

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The following are just a few of our many case histories on how Chakra Remedies have helped individuals: 
Case A: A young two year old infant girl was found constipated. Doctors at a government hospital found that this was a case of a nerve bundle atrophy which caused the constipation to the infant and a surgical operation was suggested, but the parents preferred homoeopathy and alternative therapies.
When the patient came to us, a diagnostic radiithesia test (most therapists use a pendulum which links them up with the cosmic energy of the universe – fine tuning with the cosmic consciousness must be possible by the therapist in order to obtain accurate readings (other techniques are  the mind and body methods using reiki, etc) and it was   found that the Solar Plexus Chakra was “CLOSED” and on applying the Yellow Colour Solar Plexus Remedy and after some ten minutes a subsequent test showed the Solar Plexus Chakra had “OPENED UP” for the flow of energy. 
This Chakra is responsible for the energy flowing to the Gastro-Intestinal Tract or the Large and Small Intestines and to provide for and ensure there is PERISTALSIS or vibration of the Intestines. 
Only with ample Peristalsis movement for the intestines, constipation is reversed and bowel movements become regular.


The infant child began to ease herself naturally without the use or application of hand-pumps for enemas and a surgical operation was avoided. 
In addition to the Chakra Remedy, our Castor Oil/Triphaldi/Yellow Colour Remedy was consumed three times a day and the third remedy Cascara Sagrada was also taken by the infant patient. 
The parents of the infant were also advised to provide soft and gentle abdominal massages for their infant child.
(Note: These other remedies are available online from us in due course. Those in urgent need of these remedies could email us for immediate supplies.) 

Case B: A middle aged 50-year-old man who has two sons, aged 18 and 23 was divorced by his wife due to suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at age 40. 
However, he re-married after his divorce within a year, but found that his medical problem persisted and approached us for treatment. 
A test as in Case A above showed that his Sacral or Spleen or Swadhisthana Chakra was “CLOSED” and giving five drops of Yellow Sacral Chakra Remedy and re-testing some ten minutes later, the Sacral Chakra was now “OPENED “. 
The patient who had endured ten years of ED was now excited and prescribed the Orange Chakra Remedy drops for consumption three times a day before meals and just before sleep. 
He was also given a Homoeopathic Libido Ointment (oil) to massage his genitals for blood circulatory and vascular revitalization at the base of his penis and in addition to that a combination Homoeopathic Libido  Remedy for consumption. 
(Note: The patient was also prescribed our flagship product DHMF A & B for Body PH Balancing and colon cleansing before embarking on his ED treatment program.) 
Please see our other products for more information.

Case C: A patient in his forties, came to us complaining that he was always disoriented, not focused, spiritually unhappy, not sure about what he was doing, never able to concentrate in discussions as his mind was always elsewhere. 
A test as above showed that his Crown Chakra was very poorly under-functioning. 
After giving about five drops of the Ultra Violet Chakra Remedy and re-testing him some ten minutes later, it was found that his Crown Chakra was fully opened. 
His reacted claiming that he felt he had come out of a hypnotic sort of sleep.
This patient was prescribed the above remedy for his well-being for a month which brought him out of his melancholy position in life.

Many other case histories are available, but it will suffice to inform the reader that Chakra Remedies work and produce almost instant results. 
Your Information Source on Chakras

As to when  Chakra Remedies become important, to treat a medical or similar related condition or for the sake of want of optimum performance of your chakras, please refer to our information below on Your Information Source on Chakras. 

Examples: 1. You have Cardiac and hypertension problems, than the Green Heart Chakra Remedy is for you. 2. You have prostrate problems, than the Red Base Chakra Remedy is for you. etc.
How to use our Chakra Remedies


Our remedies are homeopathically prepared and work on the principal of the law of vibration and water being a carrier of memory of remedies

Thus, please shake vigorously for at least ten seconds and or also knock the base of the remedy bottle on a wooden stool or table so that the liquid molecules fall into place within the remedy before its consumption. 
You need to take between three and five drops before meals, minimum at least two times daily or before breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep/bedtime. 

Put these drops directly into your mouth and wait for at least ten to twenty minutes before consuming other food or drinks. Avoid coffee and tea and other strong intoxicants.

Please try to avoid strong coffee or tea or better still avoid these intoxicating drinks which do not really go well with the remedies.

For those who would like to consume all the Chakra Remedies than allow a few minutes of intervals before taking the subsequent remedy. 
Only after the intake of the last remedy do you need to wait between ten and twenty minutes before taking your meal.

If it is before sleep/bedtime, do not drink anything after taking the remedy or after the intake of the last remedy, just hit the sack (go to sleep). 
These Chakra Remedies invigorate the immune system and the radio-frequency of the respective color is recognized by the immune system when the drops touch the inner area of the mouth’s chamber and the respective Chakra is suddenly charged up to enter the over-function mode or return to normal function levels if it has been under-functioning or has been closed.

 (Note: On a further note if you have a problem believed related to an imbalanced chakra, there is also a likelihood that your body also needs Body PH Balancing. Thus for this requirement  balance your Vital Force, Prana (also referred to commonly as OXYGEN) or Chi and Yin and Yang or as called PH Balancing in Naturopathy or as in Ayurveda your Vatta, Pitta, Kapha Doshas) 

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