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Diseases In Reality

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All diseases are due to viruses and bacteria and yeast infections.

All these pathogens, germs or parasites if you wish to call them are simply acidic and most of them are anaerobic.

By anaerobic it is meant that these pathogens require very little oxygen levels to survive in the human body, but yet they produce a lot of toxic material waste products which are acidic and cause further decline of our good health, resulting in worsening of our health condition(s), from best, better or good health, down to the worst levels of pain, suffering and miseries, resulting in diseases of the worst kind, such as the A(H1N1) Influenza Virus, all kinds of Cancers and other chronic and incurable diseases.

Water has a neutral PH Value of around 7 and is said to be good for neutralizing our body¡¯s acidic condition from being acidic to alkaline, that is it is supposedly meant to dilute the acidic levels of the body so that it becomes alkaline.

However, it is not so easy as that because disease conditions are due to pathogens which are living organisms in the diseased body and the aim and objective of their removal becomes the ultimate goal of every medical practitioner, doctors and hospitals and the governments and drug and pharmaceutical companies working in tandem with the former.

Drug and pharmaceutical companies have poured out huge sums of finances into their intricate networks and manufacturing processes and their expectations for similar level magnitude of returns and profits has created a large network in the healthcare and medical establishments which diagnose, propose and dispense these drugs at exorbitant prices and costs for all those individuals suffering from these diseases.

Homoeopathic and Complementary Medicinal treatments are shunned by those who are indeed sick and suffering from chronic and incurable diseases for the simple reasons that when one becomes sick or diseased, the modern allopathy medicine hospital is very much trusted and relied upon as the best for treatment of the disease.

When all else fails and the hospital authorities, doctors, surgeons, etc just give up trying to treat and cure you, and they also provide a prediction about when you are going to say goodbye to planet earth, the good old homoeopath and alternative medical practitioner comes into the lime light of the God forsaken patient and such treatments and cures work.

Many a sick soul had been (or is) given a prediction that he/she has just a mere few more months to live, but on seeking alternative treatments and cures, the sick soul lives on for many more years and in many cases life just keeps going and becomes worth living, every second of joy and happiness.

Bacteria, Viruses and Yeast and other fungus like organisms live in human and other mammalian bodies and cause mal-functions.

These pathogens cause the breakdown of the bodys functions of organs and systems such as the blood circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and others related to balancing and transporting to and fro nutrients, etc for a healthy organic condition of the body.

Amongst organs that may be affected are , the liver, gall-bladder, kidneys, pancreas, the heart, lungs, the gastro-intestinal tract (including the stomach), the spleen, urinary bladder, and glands, such as the prostrate, thyroid, etc.

Such pathogens, for example, may live in the pancreas and cause a disruption of the functions of the pancreas to produce insulin, which is vital to balance blood sugars, etc, resulting in diabetes mellitus; reside in the linings of the coronary arteries and cause arthrosclerosis, block the renal arteries and veins of kidneys by clogging up the lumen, increasing blood pressure and normal kidney functions which result in renal and kidney organ failures; and lastly, in another example, clog the gastro-intestinal tract or gut with unwanted bacteria, viruses and other bacteria, which release toxins resulting in disease conditions such as cancers, etc.

Latest update: 25/01/2019
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