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Patients, Patience and Reality of Life

by in General Articles on
Monday, 28th February, 2011
Patients, Patience and Reality of Life
Patients are after all human beings, just like you and me,  and they come from all walks of life; various jobs, employment backgrounds and as entrepreneurs or business people, etc.
This means that just like any other person or individual like you or me, they have emotions or feelings, religious and cultural convictions and beliefs and practices in their day to day living.
I would like to discuss how patients behave when they have sicknesses or diseases, acute or chronic and curable or incurable.
Curable or incurable is not very much a question for debate, yet poor medical conditions, diseases, pains and suffering, physical, mental, emotional and social and financial conditions play an important role in the treatment and curing scene, in allopathy clinics and hospitals, alternative therapy clinics and with alternative health practitioners, all over the world.
Most of us usually talk about acute, chronic and incurable diseases or organ failures, such as in kidney diseases, heart ailments, cancer, etc., because this is what we have got used to hearing and that such and such a disease is incurable or that there is a poor chance of getting better or curing the condition due to there being no cure at all for such conditions.
BUT, it is my personal opinion that THERE IS AN ANSWER FOR ALL DISEASES. Why? This is because according to the old saying, there is no such thing as impossible, rather it is also said that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
In the light of such a statement, I would aver that therefore everything is possible, including treating and curing every sickness and disease, including cancers, although it has been said once too often that there is no cure for cancer or that a cure for cancer is yet to be found.
However, whilst giant drug companies and manufacturers are peddling their drugs and medicines and equipment and insisting that their drugs work or can cure cancers and other diseases, yet, the results are disappointing, in that, treatment and cure do not seem to work, though occasionally there are some results in early stages of the ailment.
The latter occurs when the body is able to heal because its immune system is still able to recover itself and thus overcome the ailment.
It is only when the gravity of the medical ailment has become too advanced or serious that the body’s immune system is very much unable to recover itself and the patient begins to sink further into serious disease conditions due to the ailment which also progresses into chronic and unrecoverable stages of unhealthy growth and development.
When patients are told that the doctors, oncologists, etc have exhausted all possible treatment and curing methods according to modern medicine or allopathy, they lose hope in the medical fraternity or hospital’s system.
It is only when this happens or occurs that patients start looking for other alternative medicine therapies or methods of treating and curing of their medical ailments, health conditions, cancers, etc.
Going back to when patients refer themselves to allopathy for treatments and cures which do not work, they are prepared to spend thousands of dollars or a lot of money to get back to normal and ultimately they are told that they cannot be cured and that they have a few months to live or that they should get prepared to leave this world for good and till than they must suffer the pains and anguish of  psychological disturbances, sleep problems and many other related matters, such as family and personal and financial relationships, etc.
It makes one wonder, why the sick person does not seek alternative treatments and cures for their chronic and or incurable medical conditions when we have homoeopathy, naturopathy, herbalism/herbology, ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), accupunture/acupressure, electro-theraphy, Rife Technology, radionics, prayer and medictation, EFT Therapy , Reiki, etc..
It is the very subject REALITY OF LIFE that I would like to refer to, to answer such a question.
Most patients have a belief system built in them from the time of birth that it is only the hospitals and modern medicine or allopathy that can treat and cure their ailments.
Even before allopathy came into existence and became accepted by civilization and mankind, traditional, natural, herbal, etc methods of treatment and cures were actively pursued and believed in, patients were able to find a treatment method and get a cure for their diseases.
However, as scientific method of logical reasoning and bio-chemistry and advanced techniques in treatment became known as the present day allopathy, other traditional methods of treating and curing became secondary or second to allopathy.
In fact it was Samuel Christian Hahneman’s discovery and formulation of the doctrine of the Vital Force and Like Cures Like, etc, in the Science of Homoeopathy that actually took off to a fantastic start in the late 1700s which at one time had over-shadowed the developing medical science of allopathy which encompasses logical and scientific reasoning and laboratory analysis.
However, Homoeopathy has been proven time and time again from the time of Hahnemann and even till now and I believe it shall forever that Homoeopathy Works and Never Fails, yet it became secondary to allopathy as the latter grew faster in conjunction with the pure sciences, including biochemistry, etc.
Yet, majority of drugs developed in allopathy/medical science chemically are based on extracts from remedies and medicines, herbs and plants and animals.
For example, salicyclic acid for pain relief, headaches, swellings, etc was found in the leaves of a certain plant and the South American Indians used to chew these leaves to stop their pains and sufferings and later allopathy scientric scientists could extract this acid from the leaves and later, now, they are able to manufacturer this in industrial plants.
Another example is curcumin found in tumeric that has been and is still widely used in cooking and ayurvedic treatments and this ingredient is a cure for many ailments and diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. It is also a natural anti-biotic and is used for external treatment of wounds, skin diseases, etc,
The belief system of mankind and civilization shifted to allopathy being the first choice and the others as a last resort, and only when allopathy failed, like in cases of curing cancer and other incurable diseases.
There is always a rush by allopathy scientists to find a vaccine or a cure for any new found disease or sickness like SARS or HIV/AIDs, etc., but results are not full proof and till today, such scientists are groping in the dark for cures for these ailments/diseases.
The irony of things is that when patients know that there are alternative medicine therapies, their faith is not good in these medical systems and even though the costs for treatment is much lower, perhaps, mere dollars and cents or just a few hundreds of dollars only.
In my practice, I have discovered to my horror and dismay that when patients have failed to get complete treatment or a full cure than they will search for alternative therapies, BUT the allopathic doctors and surgeons will keep calling/telephoning the patients to return to them to continue treatment at their clinics and or hospitals and medical centres and insist upon them to continue with their medications and tell them that if they do not than the conditions will revert back to the previous worse conditions or these conditions will start to decline further, even though the allopathic treatments to cure have been disappointing and have revealed no improvement, etc. at all.
In one such case, a patient had a brain cancer tumor removed through surgery and was told to continue with the medications on a life long basis and which was felt as ridiculous.
The patient’s and my contention was that if you have had your cancer tumor removed and medical blood and laboratory and other tests show that the patient has no more incidence of cancer than he ought to stop all medications and get on with his life as a normal healthy person.
My sincere contention is that once a patient has been cured of his cancer tumor through its surgical removal, than the patient should allow his immune system to take over control of his body and all medications should not be consumed further, BUT the Hospital kept calling the patient to return and advised to take his medications, permanently.
I felt that it was like forcing the patient to become a drug addict, by the doctors/oncologists, so that they could continue to earn money or income from the patient (should I say the former patient as he is supposed to have been treated and cured of his tumor and thus is now not to be referred to as a patient?).
The patient decided to follow my advise to do a six-monthly test and to stop all medications for the previous cancer tumor and was advised to follow the advise on health, diet and nutrition and to date he is a regular golf player during the weekends and it has been almost a few years since his cancer tumor was surgically removed and there has been no sign of cancer to date for him.
Talking about the irony of things and the reality of life, patients having such ailments, chronic and incurable should seek alternative medicine therapies and allow themselves a second chance to get treated and finally cured through these traditional and alternative therapies and non-allopathy protocols.
There are many such cures and treatments to cure chronic and incurable diseases and the patient should have patience and seek them and get the treatment.
The internet is a good resource house to seek such alternative therapies.
Perhaps, patients need not just patience and understanding about the reality of life, BUT also about how dollars and cents can work with good, genuine and full-proof results, through personal observation, physical examination, feeling of internal well-being and through blood, urine, laboratory and other tests, by applying alternative methods of treatment and cures.
Money is not everything, but truth and honesty is and these two factors on morality and ethics and belief must be allowed to play a greater role for a sincere and truthful seeker, seeking treatment and cure for his poor medical conditions.
Thank you.
 Gurdial Singh Sandhu
Latest update: 25/01/2019
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