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The following information is the gist of much more in-depth information already available from books and the internet on the history, existence and functions of CHAKRAS which control the physical, astral, causal, ethereal and soul bodies of human beings and also mammalian and other living bodies.
It will suffice for us to concentrate on the human body and its needs for a balanced body, mind and soul.
The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word for a circle and denotes the existence of the subtle Chakras which are linked to the spinal cord and the various nerve bundles or ganglions which carry energy to all parts of the body.
Each Chakra is found to radiate certain colors which are at their peak performance or low in their radiation levels.
In another sense, we can also ask  as to whether our Chakras are over-functioning or under-functioning and also as to whether they are in need for further energizing through various ways and means so that the maximum output is derived from the Chakras.
If they are balanced and radiating their respective energies fully to the best of their levels of performance than we have healthy bodies and we are also in tune with our minds and souls in a balanced manner.
In Chakra remedies, Color Therapy is employed to treat a poorly functioning Chakra.
The various colors used for Chakra Balancing and as Chakra Remedies are basically Infra-Red and Red for the Base Chakra, Orange for the Sacral Chakra, Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Green for the Heart Chakra, Blue for the Throat Chakra, Indigo for the Brow Chakra and Violet and Ultra-Violet for the Crown Chakra.
The basic common English names are referred in this write up so that it is easy to understand the use of the Color Therapy – Chakra Remedies in their various applications according to the physical, mental, psychological   and spiritual needs for Chakra Balancing.
Use such remedies in your daily lives for optimum health and general well being for your body, mind and soul.
Latest update: 14/01/2019
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