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Our valued expertise has enabled us to nurture business relationships for mutual advantage and has earned us an over whelming response from many people from all over the world. .

We manufacture products using natural and also modern radionic methods and with a personal touch for every order and this is done to maintain hygiene and confirm with recognized and pertinent quality control parameters.

Contact Us:  http://www.cure-alldiseases Hahnemann Homoeopathy & Alternative Medicine Centre 29, Jalan Bagan Serai, Jelutong Georgetown, Penang 11600 MALAYSIA  Mobile: 6017-5799899  



Highest Education:-
LLB. (Honours) (University of Wolverhampton, U.K.)

Diploma in Homoeopathy, Diploma in Iridology (U.K.)

M.D. (M.A.) (India) (Doctor of Medicine – Alternative Medicine)

Work Experience/Employment History:

    • 1975 – Worked as Air Traffic Controller with the Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport
    • 11 years -till end of 1986 as specialist Approach Procedural Controller (non-radar, taking over control of air traffic when radar failed, using two-way radio)
    • From Dec, 1978 till Feb 1990 worked as Life/General Insurance Agent and as Inspector of Agents for Great Eastern Life assurance Co. Ltd/Pan Global Insurance Sdn Bhd
    • Agents representative with Executive Council of GE Life Assurance Agents Association, helped negotiate/knock-down agency force contracts for remuneration and benefits for agents
    • 2nd Oct, 1995 till 31st Dec, 1995 worked as a Lecturer in Laws (University of London –External Degree, Year One) and English with INTEC Education Centre, Leith Street, Penang
    • 1996 – Free Lance-Legal Advisor for some companies, housing/building developers, including gold merchants/associations, NGOs
    • Free Lance English Language tutor in the past, taught IELTS (at INTEC Education Centre), MUET and English language proficiency for individuals
    • Free-lance law tutor as and when needed
    • 1996 – Joined NST (The New Straits Times Press) daily newspaper as a journalist
    • 1997 till 2001 worked with The Sun daily newspaper as a Grade One Journalist
    • 2001 till 2003 worked with Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) as a Specialist Journalist for Business and Economy news reports and stories; with good knowledge of politics, economics, science, religions and cultures of the country and the Far East
    • 2003 till 2004 worked as Managing Director of First World Online Sdn Bhd which was set up by me to provide ‘skills based’ education in Information Technology with investments and share capital put up by local businessmen.

Past Social Services:-

    • Past leader of about 15,000 Life Assurance Agents with Great Eastern Life Assurance Agents Association
    • Past Committee Member of Management Committee of Sikh Gurdwara (Temple or House of Prayer) at Jalan Gurdwara, Penang
    • Past Hon. Secretary and member of Pusat Belia Jelutong (Jelutong Youth Centre)
  • Past Hon. Secretary, one of initial 5 Founder members and Founding Secretary of Penang Men’s Hash House Harriers – wrote the club Constitution.

Present/Past Social Services/Current Employment/Profession:-

    • Providing para-legal and legal advisory services including free-lance arbitration for aggrieved parties (without going to practising lawyers and courts to cut costs for speedy settlement of disputes) and international consultancy on all matters from economics, business and investments, politics, religion, immigration/migration (U.K.-Malaysia, India-Malaysia) and general matters
    • Assisting in the formation of NGOs, planning, advising and encouragement of charitable and public interest activities, such as religious, educational, social and sports societies and associations for social integration of communities.
    • Amateur Radio Licensee (Radio Ham) – Radio Station call-sign 9M2GS (Class A license), interest in electronics, IT, computers, internet, social , religious, healthy and peaceful development of mankind, etc
    • Free Lance general writing, copywriting, book writing, ghost-writing, web-authoring (piece-meal contract-based via web-designers), editing, and journalism
    • Outdoor life – cross-country running, hashing, jungle trekking, fish rearing, gardening, Do It Yourself home and general repairs, servicing and maintenance
    • On or before 1st May, 2006 became a vegetarian and non-alcoholic, including avoidance of egg consumption, fertile or infertile, directly or indirectly, including anything such in processed foods, wet or dry, home made or commercial for spiritual reasons and thus stopped Hashing
    • Took up study of Homoeopathy and Iridology and set up Hahnemann Homoeopathy & Alternative Medicine Centre, on 5th September, 2007; services encompassing Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Colon-Liver-Gall Bladder-Kidney Cleansing, Nutrition, TCM, Iridology, Oxygen-Ozone-Electro Therapy and PH Balancing (Acid to Alkali), Radionic and Bioresonance, Radiethesia healing, etc
  • Business Web-site: www.cure-alldiseases.com

General: Knowledge cum Interests:-

  • Philosophy, religion, politics, economics, science, health, Indian and Chinese and alternative medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbalism, ayurveda, reading, meditation (Light & Sound meditation) (www.sos.org; www.ruhanisatsangusa.org [for free downloadable ebooks on the Holy Word, Naam, Shabad, Kalma, Tao of God]; www.skrm.org), enjoying good and healthy conversation, social and community services, encouraging good and healthy attitudes and continuing life-long education and learning, being spiritual, religious, kind, courteous, loving, humane, goodwill-minded, respectfull, gratefull, and understanding of one and all, irrespective of race, religion, language, culture, creed or kind or personal beliefs and political, religious or economic inclinations.

Recent Developments:

  • Became a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) (Peoples Justice Party (political) of Malaysia) in 2008
  • Helped Bayan Baru MP YB Datuk Zahrain and Batu Uban State Assembly YB Raveen in the last Malaysian General Elections with campaigning and as close confidante to the above and other fellow PKR members to secure victories for not only the than opposition PKR, but DAP (Democratic Action Party) and PAS Parti SeIslam Malaysia) by commonly and openly supporting and campaigning for a change of government for Malaysia and the State of Penang
  • Actively participated iin the Permatang Pauh Bye-Election towards the election victory of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) (Peoples Coalition) which also saw the formation of five state governments led by PR, comprising PKR, DAP and PAS
  • Actively helping the public directly and indirectly with their problems related to Local Government matters and in general
  • Providing free legal advisory services
  • Providing free medical check-ups for the public (rakyat) at public functions, from time to time
  • Strong supporter for change of government and political scenario in the country for a healthy, respectable and secularly acceptable modern Malaysia for all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, creed, culture, language or kind
  • Strongly opposed to corruption and racial politics and promoter of secularism for the country and the world at large and good natural health for one and all
  • Strongly support peace, goodwill and harmony in politics, economics and the social infra-structure of the country and worldwide and fair trade and general practices for all mankind.
  • Pray daily for world peace and for the well-being of one and all, irrespective or race, religion, creed, language, culture and kind



Gurdial Singh Sandhu
Dated : 20th October, 2009

Latest update: 14/01/2019
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