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Online Consultation and Radionic Healing

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Select Service Email Consultation Online Service (USD 29.00)
Email consultation is available for anyone in need of treatment, information and advise for their poor and/or deteriorating health conditions, sicknesses, ailments or diseases. Please submit your disease conditions and/or poor or detiorating health symptoms, including the names of your drugs and medications being consumed by you, for our reply.
Email Consultation & Radionic Healing Online Service (USD 99.00)
In conjunction with Email Consultation Service, we also provide a Radionic Healing Service as a form of treatment and cure. For Radionic Healing, we need your DNA sample, such as hair and nail clippings which you must courrier to us by air to our address, as given below . Please read our article on Radionic Healing to understand the subject matter better if you are not certain about this service.
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