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100 Ways to Live 100 Years

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100 Ways to Live 100 Years

 The tips and suggestions given below are deep research and collection of author (as per website name mentioned below) for the last 30 years in this field. They are most authentic and tested in most of the cases. The suggestions given here can be adopted in your life without any doubt as they don’t have any side effect and based on the laws of nature.



  • Take food less than your hunger – It has been established through experiments that the life expectancy of a person goes up two times, if his food intake is reduced by 40%.
  • The Golden gifts of the nature for you:-
    • Pomegranate (Anar)- Contains all the important minerals and vitamins required by our body
    • Honey – Collected from flowers, a superb gift from nature.
    • Coconut water – The water of green coconut lifted from the earth, and after processing at many stages stores the health nectar with great potentialities of health and vigour.
    • Amla – provides us with many essential vitamins, best for all types of heart diseases.
    • Bel – the superb gift from nature, highly useful for stomach ailments and digestive system.
  • Take vegetarian and fibrous foods (All raw vegetables and fruits fall in this category) – avoid fried and greasy food.
  • Take your meals preferably two times a day- Avoid meals after sunset.
  • Food in less quantity but of high nutritious value can lead to a longer and healthier life.
  • Include in your daily diet – Curd, Amla, Sprouted black grams, Apple, Honey, Almonds, Soyabeans, Lemon, Raw Onion, Garlic (preferably roasted -avoid raw)
  • Daily intake of green leafy vegetables in large quantity eliminates the wrinkles on face. There are instances of people having improved their eyesight by eating these only.
  • Yellow ripe Pumpkin (Sitafal) contains beta- Carotene, as found in Carrots and gives energy to the heart.
  • Totally avoid Tea and coffee – They contain toxic substances, which damage the liver in the long run. Tea takes approximately 6 hours to digest and plays havoc with the metabolism of the body. Continuous consumption of tea or coffee is said to result in damage to modular oblongata, which links up all body nerves with the brain, and therefore, controls all body functions.
  • Avoid Sugar as far as possible, it brings Aging, Cataract and Acidity.
  • Keep fast at least for one day in a week taking only fruits.
  • Keep fast atleast for 24 hour in a fortnight taking only water.
  • Keep fast atleast for a day every month, without water.
  • Instead of bed-tea take hot water.
  • Daily drink water kept in a copper vessel overnight, with magnet kept underneath it.
  • Drink water with Rudraaksha beads soaked in it overnight.
  • At least three times a week take dry fruits/ nuts like Almonds, Peanuts, Raisin etc.
  • Keep changing your cooking oils to supply the body with all types of necessary nutrients.
  • Don’t take salt in excess. Use as little salt as possible. Just observe that any food provided by nature is never salty in taste, it is always plain, sour or sweet. Excessive salt corrodes our body like sea water, which is never allowed to be drunk even if a person is thirsty.
  • Add following sprouts to your daily diet:
    • Black grams sprouts – for heart and diabetes.
    • Moong (Green lentil) sprouts – a general tonic
    • Methi (Fenugreek) seed sprouts – For activeness and diabetes.
    • Soyabeans – Contains 9 types of proteins
    • Wheat grains sprouts- for vitamin E and long life
  • Bottle Gourd (Ghia) – It is packed with nutrition, and recommended for high blood pressure and urinary disorders.
  • Food supplements & general tonics
  • Vitamin B complex is the most useful and effective diet supplement and should be added to your daily intake of meals. It is mostly found in the uncooked sprouts of different grains.
  • Bio-chemic combination no -28 , which contains all the 12 essential salts for the body should be taken regularly. It is a general tonic and should be taken after meals to prevent common diseases.
  • Daily intake of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) increases life span of body.
  • Remember all dairy products produce heart diseases – try to avoid them or restrict their quantity.
  • Remember all types of spices produce cardiovascular diseases.


Exercise & Yoga

  • Human body is like an automobile it needs the following:-
    • Lubrication – Proper exercise is the lubrication of body, it increase circulation and flexibility.
  • Battery charging – Solar plexus is the battery of body and is charged through Pranayam, the yogic breathing.
    • Cooling Systems – Relaxation provides the cooling of body.
    • Fuel – Proper diet, food, air, water and sunlight provides the fuel for body
  • Balanced Driver – Mind is the driver of body. It can be balanced and controlled by meditation and concentration.
  • Do light exercises regularly.
  • Don’t do strenuous exercises like fast running, body building as they increase the metabolism rate of your body
  • Brisk walking is the best exercise to keep control on diabetes and heart problems
  • By living at a cold place (Hill stations), the metabolism rate of the body decreases and the age increases
  • Deep breathing up to the naval and retaining it for sometime helps in increasing the life span of a person
  • The normal ratio of our breathing i.e. inhaling, retaining and exhaling should be 1:4:2
  • Keep your posture erect
  • Try inhaling the breath from left nostril during day time and from right nostril during the night time
  • Our internal organs are more important as our outer organs in keeping us healthy. So to keep the liver, stomach and lungs etc in a healthy state. Daily walking in the morning and evening is very essential.
  • It is possible to even reverse the heart problems by not using oil or ghee at all, by taking only boiled vegetables, doing yogic exercises, and by living a tension free life.


Mind, Temperament and way of living

  • There is no yoga greater than the control of mind.
  • Keep your mind busy and active with lot of physical work.
  • Keep yourself happy and at peace – avoid anger and hot temperament
  • By meditation, high blood pressures, forgetfulness & aging process can be controlled
  • Keep enchanting the Maha-mritunjaya Mantra in case of health problems.
  • Take life as it comes, don’t get disturbed by the ups and downs of life. Eat & drink in moderation, have religious faith, work hard and adopt the habit of early to bed and early to rise.
  • It was the finding of survey done in Japan, that a large portion of centenarians were engaged in the Agriculture or Forestry as their primary jobs.



  • Take hot water after every meals to control the fatness and improve digestion.
  • Early in the morning, without cleaning your teeth of mouth drink a glass of water so that all the accumulated sliva in your mouth goes back to your stomach. This method in principal is similar to homoeopathy and is used widely in Japan to prolong the life span and cure many diseases automatically.
  • Mr Morarji Desai, the former Prime-Minister of India resorted to auto-urine therapy when he had tried all types of therapies and failed to get any cure out of them.
  • After washing your face with water don’t wipe it off. Let it dry itself on the face. It keeps the face skin young and healthy.
  • Sleep with your head towards south., it helps to improve the blood circulation of body, due to the body?s alignment with earth?s magnetic field.
  • Sleep with the leg side of your bed higher than your head side. It increases the blood circulation of your body more towards head side. It keeps you young and rejuvenates your body functions.
  • Take magnetic water -You can prepare it by keeping a glass of water with two magnets, one on top with north pole facing downward and second under it with south pole facing up, kept overnight and drink in the morning.
  • Daily intake of Aspirin, even one fourth of a 100mg tablet, avoids chances of heart attacks. Aspirin stops the Aging process by keeping the tissues flexible – it is also good for eyes. (Take only with the advice of doctor.)
  • Daily apply a drop of mustard oil mixed with some water into your nostrils. It is beneficial for your eyes and keeps the breathing passage clear and smooth.
  • Daily rub mustard oil on the toe of your feet, it helps in the improvement of eyesight.
  • Smoking, or intake of tobacco in any form narrows down the arteries and restricts the blood circulation.
  • The secret of  a Chinese who lived up to 250 Years – Even in modern times there is an instance of a Chinese whose name was ?Lichigian? who reached to a life span of 250 years using the great Indian herb called India Pennywort (Brahmi). He said he is regularly using this Indian herb and he has achieved such a long life by regularly using this herb.


Courtesy: Source: LiveLongTo100Years.com

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