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CHAKRA REMEDIES   FOR A BALANCED BODY MIND AND SOUL   The following information is the gist of much more in-depth information already available from books and the internet on the history, existence and functions of CHAKRAS which control the physical, astral, causal, ethereal and soul bodies of human beings and also mammalian and other living bodies.   It will suffice for us to concentrate on the human body and its needs for a balanced body, mind and soul. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word for a circle and denotes the existence of the subtle Chakras ..


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KOMBUCHA TEA Q: What is Kombucha Tea? A: Kombucha Teh is a fermented tea, which has been used as a Homoeopathic Herbal Tea Tonic. It is made from purely fermented tea and a mushroom which produces natural organic substances which are beneficial to good health and helps cure or relieve pains and diseases as described below. It can be consumed/taken/drunk at least once or the maximum three times a day on an empty stomach, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. ‘Kombu’ and ‘cha’ are Sanskrit words for ‘mushroom’ and ‘tea,’ but the western world has added the word ‘tea’ to further describe the t..


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GANGRENE REMEDIES NO.1, NO. 2,  NO. 3  FOR GANGRENE INFECTED WOUNDS GANGRENE, simply put, is described as the death of a tissue due to deficient blood supply or absence of blood supply to the tissue area or part of the body affected. For healing, it is necessary that the dead matter is removed and treatment is commenced to invigorate the immune system to provide for the re-growth and re-development of new tissue and skin to protect the exposed open wound area of the skin or body surface. It is a disease condition wherein flesh  has died from oxygen starvation; caus..
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